Pipe A can fill the tank in 4 hours,while pipe B can fill it in 6 hours working separately.pipe C can empty whole the tank in 4 hours. He opened the pipe A and B simultaneously to fill the empty tank. He wanted to adjust his alarm so that he could open the pipe C when it was half-filled, but he mistakenly adjusted his alarm at a time when his tank would be 3/4th filled. what is the time difference between both the cases, to fill the tank fully:

A) 48 min B) 54 min
C) 30 min D) none of these

Answer:   B) 54 min


In ideal Case:

         Time taken to fill the half tank by A and B = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{50}{41.66} =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{6}{5} hours

         Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest half of the tank =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{50}{16.66} = 3 hours

         Total time = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{6}{5}+3 = 4 hours 12 min

In second case:

         Time taken to fill \inline \fn_jvn \frac{3}{4} tank by A and B =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{75}{41.66}=\frac{9}{5} hours

         Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest \inline \fn_jvn \frac{1}{4} tank = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{25}{16.66}=\frac{3}{2} hours

         Total time =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{9}{5}+\frac{3}{2} =3 hours 18 min

Therefore , difference in time = 54 minutes


A group of men can complete a job in K hours. After every 4 hours, half the number of men working at that point of time leave the job. Continuing this way if the job is finished in 16 hours, what is the value of K ?

A) 7 hrs B) 7.5 hrs
C) 8 hrs D) 8.25 hrs
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 7.5 hrs


Let there are L men

job requires LK man hours.

job completed in first 4 hrs = Lx4 = 4L
job completed in next 4 hrs = 4xL/2 = 2L
job completed in next 4 hrs = 4xL/4 = L
job completed in last 4 hrs = 4xL/8 = L/2
4L + 2L + L + L/2 = KL
K = 7+1/2 = 7.5 hours.

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A can do a work in 9 days, B can do a work in 7 days, C can do a work in 5 days. A works on the first day, B works on the second day and C on the third day respectively that is they work on alternate days. When will they finish the work ?

A) [7 + (215/345)] days B) [6 + (11/215)] days
C) [6 + (261/315)] days D) [5 + (112/351)] days
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) [6 + (261/315)] days


After day 1, A finishes 1/9 of the work.

After day 2, B finishes 1/7 more of the total work. (1/9) + (1/7) is finished.

After day 3, C finishes 1/5 more of total work. Total finished is 143/315.

So, after day 6, total work finished is 286/315.

Now remaining work = 315 - 286 = 29 /315

On day 7, A will work again

Work will be completed on day 7 when A is working. He must finish 29/315 of total remaining work.

Since he takes 9 days to finish the total task, he will need 261/315 of the day.

Total days required is 6 + (261/315) days.

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One girl can eat 112 chocolates in half a minute, and her boy friend can eat half as many in twice the length of time. How many chocolates can both boy and girl eat in 12 seconds ?

A) 44 B) 32
C) 56 D) 49
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 56


Girl eats 112 chocolates in 30 sec
so she can eat in 12 sec is 12 x 112/30 = 44.8 chocolates.

Her boy friend can eat one-half of 112 in twice of 30 sec
so he can eat 56 in 60 sec
Then he can eat in 12 sec is 56 x 12/60 = 11.2 chocolates.

Hence, together they can eat
=> 44.8 + 11.2
56 chocolates in 12 seconds.

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Two boys and a girl can do a work in 5 days, while a boy and 2 girls can do it in 6 days. If the boy is paid at the rate of 28$ a week, what should be the wages of the girl a week ?

A) 24 $ B) 22 $
C) 16 $ D) 14 $
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 16 $


Let the 1 day work of a boy=b and a girl=g, then
2b + g = 1/5 ---(i) and
b + 2g = 1/6 ---(ii)
On solving (i) & (ii), b=7/90, g=2/45
As payment of work will be in proportion to capacity of work and a boy is paid $ 28/week,
so a girl will be paid 28x  = 16 $.

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A constructor estimates that 4 people can paint Mr. Karthik's house in 6 days. If he uses 5 people instead of 4, how long will they take to complete the job ?

A) 3 days B) 26/3 days
C) 13/4 days D) 24/5 days
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 24/5 days


we know that m1 x d1 = m2 x d2
=> 4 x 6 = 5 x d
where d = no. of days taken by 5 men to paint
d = 24/5 days.

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