Pipe A can fill the tank in 4 hours,while pipe B can fill it in 6 hours working separately.pipe C can empty whole the tank in 4 hours. He opened the pipe A and B simultaneously to fill the empty tank. He wanted to adjust his alarm so that he could open the pipe C when it was half-filled, but he mistakenly adjusted his alarm at a time when his tank would be 3/4th filled. what is the time difference between both the cases, to fill the tank fully:

A) 48 min B) 54 min
C) 30 min D) none of these

Answer:   B) 54 min


In ideal Case:

         Time taken to fill the half tank by A and B = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{50}{41.66} =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{6}{5} hours

         Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest half of the tank =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{50}{16.66} = 3 hours

         Total time = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{6}{5}+3 = 4 hours 12 min

In second case:

         Time taken to fill \inline \fn_jvn \frac{3}{4} tank by A and B =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{75}{41.66}=\frac{9}{5} hours

         Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest \inline \fn_jvn \frac{1}{4} tank = \inline \fn_jvn \frac{25}{16.66}=\frac{3}{2} hours

         Total time =\inline \fn_jvn \frac{9}{5}+\frac{3}{2} =3 hours 18 min

Therefore , difference in time = 54 minutes


A take twice as much time as B or thrice as much time to finish a piece of work. Working together, they can finish the work in 2 days. B can do the work alone in ?

A) 3 hrs B) 6 hrs
C) 7 hrs D) 5 hrs
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 6 hrs


Suppose A, B and C take x, x/2 and x/3 respectively to finish the work.
Then, (1/x + 2/x + 3/x) = 1/2
6/x = 1/2 => x = 12
So, B takes 6 hours to finish the work.

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A can complete a work in 12 days with a working of 8 hours per day. B can complete the same work in 8 days when working 10 hours a day. If A and B work together, working 8 hours a day, the work can be completed in --- days  ?

A) 51/24 B) 87/5
C) 57/12 D) 60/11
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 60/11


A can complete the work in 12 days working 8 hours a day

=> Number of hours A can complete the work = 12×8 = 96 hours

=> Work done by A in 1 hour = 1/96

B can complete the work in 8 days working 10 hours a day

=> Number of hours B can complete the work = 8×10 = 80 hours

=> Work done by B in 1 hour = 1/80

Work done by A and B in 1 hour = 1/96 + 1/80 = 11/480

=> A and B can complete the work in 480/11 hours

A and B works 8 hours a day

 Hence total days to complete the work with A and B working together

= (480/11)/ (8) = 60/11 days

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K can build a wall in 30 days. L can demolish that wall in 60 days. If K and L work on alternate days, when will the wall be completed ?

A) 120 days B) 119 days
C) 118 days D) 117 days
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 117 days


K's work in a day(1st day) = 1/30
L's work in a day(2nd day)= -1/60(demolishing)
hence in 2 days, combined work= 1/30 - 1/60
since both works alternatively, K will work in odd days and L will work in even days.
1/60 unit work is done in 2 days
58/60 unit work will be done in 2 x 58 days = 116 days
Remaining work = 1-58/60
= 2/60
= 1/30
Next day, it will be K's turn and K will finish the remaining 1/30 work.
hence total days = 116 + 1 = 117.

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A contractor undertook to complete a piece of work in 120 Days and employed 140 men upon it. At the end of 66 days only half of the work was done,so he put on 25 extra men. By how much time did he exceed the specific time ?

A) 2 days B) 3 days
C) 4 days D) 5 days
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 2 days


work done=total number of person x number of days;
half of work done = 140 x 66;
For half of remaining work 25 extra men are added.
Therefore, total men for half work remaining = 140 + 25 = 165;
Let 2nd half work will be completed in K days;
140 x 66 = 165 x K
K = 122;
Hence, extra days => 122-120 = 2days.

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A,B,C together can do a piece of work in 10 days.All the three started workingat it together and after 4 days,A left.Then,B and C together completed the work in 10 more days.In how many days can complete a work alone ?

A) 25 B) 24
C) 23 D) 21
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 25


(A+B+C) do 1 work in 10 days.
So (A+B+C)'s 1 day work=1/10 and as they work together for 4 days so workdone by them in 4 days=4/10=2/5
Remaining work=1-2/5=3/5
(B+C) take 10 more days to complete 3/5 work.
So( B+C)'s 1 day work=3/50
Now A'S 1 day work=(A+B+C)'s 1 day work-(B+C)'s 1 day work=1/10-3/50=1/25
A does 1/25 work in in 1 day
Therefore 1 work in 25 days.

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