In the case of how many letters of the word RAIMENT will their order in the word and that when the letters are arranged in the alphabetical order, remain the same?

A) None B) One
C) Two D) Three

Answer:   D) Three


After the rearrangement of letters, the new order of the letters is as follows:

New Order : A E I M N R T

Given word: R A I M E N T

Clearly, positions of three letters I, M and T will remain unchanged.


How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters A, L, W using each letter only once in each word  ?

A) 1 B) 2
C) 3 D) 4
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 1


Using the letters A, L, W

only one meaningful English word can be formed i.e, LAW

No other words can be formed.

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Which of the Phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. 


They claim that their employees are highly committing and disciplined.

A) Have been highly committed B) Have high commitments
C) Are highly committed D) No correction required
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Are highly committed


As per the rule of adverb, the adverb is followed by the third form of verb.

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Which can not be formed using the letters of the given word ? 


A) Actual B) Petrol
C) Total D) Petal
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Petrol

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What letter will come in place of question mark ?

L    J    H

J    P    D

P    ?    E

A) K B) L
C) P D) I
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) I


Sum of place value in a row is 30.

So the letter which comes in place of '?' is 'I'

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Re-arrange the following sentences into a meaningful paragraph.


(A) comes into effect from today. The bank's savings account rate was 3.5 per cent during March 2003 to May 2011 for all savings bank account customers

(B) The bank's decision comes two days ahead of RBI's monetary policy meet and is likely to trigger

(C) with deposits of above Rs 1 crore, it said in a statement. The two-tier savings bank account interest rate

(D) to 3.5 per cent, lowest in six years, a decision that will impact 90 per cent of its customers

(E) The country's largest lender however will continue to pay 4 per cent interest on savings bank accounts

(F) SBI today cut interest rate on savings bank account deposits up to Rs 1 crore by 0.5 per cent

(G) rate war among peers. SBI's savings bank account base is of around Rs 9 lakh crore. 

Answer & Explanation Answer: D) FDBGECA

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