Are there any times where you had a conflict with a superior? If yes, how did you handle it and resolve it? 



How do you handle conflict?


When responding to conflict resolution questions, answer with confidence since you're being considered for a supervisory position where you will frequently be required to work in teams, delegate responsibilities, and handle difficult problems.

The following is an effective way to answer conflict resolution questions:

Before proposing a solution, I collect all relevant facts surrounding the conflict. Conflicts are often resolved if sufficient time is devoted to determining root causes, while disregarding trivial or irrelevant facts.

An effective answer can also be supplemented with the following response:

When resolving a problem between employees, I serve as a neutral third party. When needed, I establish rules of conduct. For an organization to operate efficiently, employees must be on the same page. At most organizations, bad feelings exist among some employees, so a manager is responsible for ensuring that employees are placed in situations where they're comfortable to focus on their job responsibilities. In other words, employees must be situated around others they can work with so productivity is not affected.

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