The cash difference between the selling prices of an article at a profit of 4% and 6% is Rs 3. The ratio of two selling prices is

A) 51:52 B) 52:53
C) 53:54 D) 54:55

Answer:   B) 52:53


Let the Cost price of article is Rs. x

Required ratio = (104% of x) / (106% of x)


                            =52/53 = 52:53                     


A women goes to market with Rs.500 to buy oranges.the prices of the oranges have decreased by 10% so he could buy 2kg more with the amount she had.What was the original price of the oranges ?

A) 22.77 B) 25.77
C) 27.77 D) 29.77
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 27.77


If the price of the oranges decreases by 10%, the woman would save 10% of the money that is Rs.50 to buy the same amount as before.Now in Rs50 she can buy 2 kg more, therefore the current price of 1 kg of oranges is Rs25.Now this current price is after 10% reduction.

Therefore, the original price = 

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A retailer buys product from a shopkeeper at discount of 40% on the list price (marked price) and sells them to the customer at a discount of 25% on the list price.What is his profit percentage ?

A) 10% B) 15%
C) 20% D) 25%
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 25%


Let the list price be Rs.100. 

Therefore,the retailer is buying the products at Rs.60 and selling it to the customer at Rs.75, earning a profit of Rs.15.

Therefore, his percentage is  = 25%

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A shopkeeper sells one-third of his goods at a profit of 10%, another one-third at a profit of 20%, and the rest at a loss of 6%.What is his overall profit percentage ?

A) 6% B) 8%
C) 10% D) 12%
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 8%


Let the shopkeeper buy 300g for Rs.300. Now he sells 100g for Rs.110, another 100g for Rs120, and the rest 100g for Rs94. 

Therefore, the total amount he receives = Rs.110 + Rs.120 + Rs.94 = 324. 

Therefore, the shopkeeper spends Rs.300 and gets back Rs.324.

Therefore, his profit percentage =  % = 8%

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By selling an article at Rs.800, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 25%.At what price should he sell the article so as to make a loss of 25%?

A) Rs.720 B) Rs.640
C) Rs.540 D) Rs.480
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Rs.480


SP = Rs.800 ; Profit = 25%


Now, CP = Rs.640

Loss = 25% = 25% of Rs.640 = Rs.160

Thus, SP = CP - Loss = Rs.640 - Rs.160 = Rs.480

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A Shopkeeper sells two articles at Rs.1000 each, making a profit of 20% on the first article and a loss of 20% on the second article. Find the net Profit or loss that he makes? 

A) 4% B) 5%
C) 6% D) 8%
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 4%


SP of first article = Rs.1000

Profit = 20%


SP of Second Article = Rs.1000

Loss = 20%


So, Total SP = Rs.2000; Total CP = Rs.6250/3

As the CP is more than SP, he makes a loss.

Loss = CP - SP = (6250/3) - 2000 = Rs.(250/3)


So, Loss Percent = = 4%


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