If the gifts are passed on, the whole purpose of the gift is defeated. Therefore, the gift should be one that is useful and at the same time it attracts you, appeals to you and you retain it.

Conclusions : 

I. If gifts are retained , their utility increases.

II. Gifts are not meant for repeated change of hands.

A) If only conclusion I follows B) If only conclusion II follows
C) If neither I nor II follows D) If both I and II follow

Answer:   B) If only conclusion II follows


I is not hinted at. It is an invention of the concluder's mind. II follows  because if "the whole purpose of something is defeated", it loses its meaning.


Statement :

The byproducts obtained from animals such as hairs, skins, horns, etc. contain at least 45 per cent food protein. Indian scientists have developed methods to segregate 50 per cent of this protein. They have used an enzyme developed in Russia for destruction of soya-proteins.


A. Indian scientists cannot develop enzymes.

B. If a suitable method involving less cost is developed then many more food protein would be obtained.

A) Only A follows B) Only B follows
C) Neither A nor B follows D) Both A & B follows
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Neither A nor B follows


There is no indication that Indian scientists are incapable of developing enzymes. There could be any number of reasons why Indian scientists used Russian enzymes.

So conclusion A does not follow.

In addition, cost is not discussed in the passage at all. There is no mention of a correlation between cost and extraction of proteins.

Thus, conclusion B does not follow either.

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I. ,


Solve both the equations to find the values of a and b  ?

A) if a > b B) if a < b
C) if the relationship between a and b cannot be established. D) if a ≤ b
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) if a > b


I.  (a - 3)(a - 4) = 0

=> a = 3, 4

II.   (b - 2)(b - 1) = 0

=> b = 1, 2

=> a > b

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Draw the conclusion from the following sentences

1. Apartments in the Riverdale Manor cost less than apartments in The Gaslight Commons.
2. Apartments in the Livingston Gate cost more than apartments in the The Gaslight Commons.
3. Of the three apartment buildings, the Livingston Gate costs the most.

If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

Answer & Explanation Answer: A) TRUE


Since the Gaslight Commons costs more than the Riverdale Manor and the Livingston Gate costs more than the Gaslight Commons, it is true that the Livingston Gate costs the most.

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If the age of father is 4 years greater than the mother and 28 years greater than the son,then what is the age of the father?

which one should be used to calculate the age ?

A) mother/son = Non-prime number
B) mother/son = Perfect square number

A) only A alone is sufficient B) only B alone is sufficient
C) both A and B are required D) Cannot be answered
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) only B alone is sufficient


For the given problem there are three possiblities.
Father's age can be = 36, 31, 29
Mother's age = 32, 27, 25
Son's age = 8, 3, 1.

By using only B it can be calculated.

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Fact 1: All hats have brims.
Fact 2: There are black hats and blue hats.
Fact 3: Baseball caps are hats.

If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a fact?
I. All caps have brims.
II. Some baseball caps are blue.
III. Baseball caps have no brims.

A) I only B) II only
C) I, II, and III D) None of the statements is a fact.
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) None of the statements is a fact.


All baseball caps have brims, since baseball caps are hats (Fact 3) and all hats have brims (Fact 1). This rules out statement III—but it doesn’t follow that all caps, a category that may include caps that are not baseball caps, have brims (statement I). Statement II cannot be confirmed, either, since it is possible, given the information, that all baseball caps are black.

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