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1. Races : A contest of speed in running, riding, driving, sailing or rowing is called a race. 


Race Course : The ground or path on which contents are made is called a race course.


Starting Point : The point from which a race beigns is known as a starting point.


Winning Point or Goal : The point set to bound a race is called a winning point or a Goal.


Winner : The person who first reaches the winning point is called a winner.


Dead Heat Race : If all the persons contesting a race reach the goal exactly at the same time, then the race is said to be a dead heat race.


Start : Suppose A and B are two contestants in a race. If before the start of the race, A is at  the starting point and B is ahead of A by 12 metres, then we say that 'A gives B, a start of 12 metres'.


         To cover, a race of 100 metres in this case, A will have to cover 100 metres while B will have to cover only (100 - 12) = 88 metres.


         In a 100m race, 'A can give B 12m' or 'A can give B a start of 12m' or 'A beats B by 12m' means that while A runs 100m, B runs (100-12)=88m


2. Games : A game of 100, means that the person among the contestants who scores 100 points first is the winner?

If A scores 100 points while B scores only 80 points, then we say that 'A can give B 20 points'.


In a 100 m race, A beats B by 10 m and C by 13 m. In a race of 180 m, B will beat C by:

A) 5.4m B) 4.5m
C) 5m D) 6m
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 6m


A : B = 100 : 90.


A : C = 100 : 87.


B/C = (B/A*A/C) = (90/100*100/87) = 30/29


When B runs 30 m, C runs 29 m.


When B runs 180 m, C runs (29/30*180)m =174m


 B beats C by (180 - 174) m = 6 m.

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In a 1 km race, A beats B by 28 meters in 7sec. Find A's time over the course?

A) 5min,4sec B) 4min,3sec
C) 2min,3sec D) 3min,4sec
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 4min,3sec


B covers 28 meters in 7sec. So, B's time over the course = (7/28)*100 =250 sec.


Whereas A's time over the course = 250 -7 = 243 sec.


i.e A's time over the course is 4min , 3 sec.

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In a 500 m race, the ratio of the speeds of two contestants A and B is 3 : 4. A has a start of 140 m. Then, A wins by:

A) 60m B) 40m
C) 20m D) 10m
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 20m


To reach the winning post A will have to cover a distance of (500 - 140)m, i.e., 360 m.


While A covers 3 m, B covers 4 m.


While A covers 360 m, B covers (4/3)*360 = 480 m.


Thus, when A reaches the winning post, B covers 480 m and therefore remains 20 m behind.


 A wins by 20 m.

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In 100 m race, A covers the distance in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this race A beats B by:

A) 20m B) 25m
C) 22.5m D) 9m
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 20m


Distance covered by B in 9 sec. = (100/45)*9m = 20m


 A beats B by 20 metres.

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A and B take part in 100 m race. A runs at 5 kmph. A gives B a start of 8 m and still beats him by 8 seconds. The speed of B is:

A) 5.15 kmph B) 4.14 kmph
C) 4.25 kmph D) 4.4 kmph
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 4.14 kmph


A's speed = (5*5/15)m/sec  = (25/18)m/sec


Time taken by A to cover 100 m = (100*18/15)sec = 72sec


 Time taken by B to cover 92 m = (72 + 8) = 80 sec.


 B's speed =(92/80*18/5)kmph =4.14kmph

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In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m and B can beat C by 4 m. In the same race, A can beat C by

A) 21 m B) 26 m
C) 28m D) 29m
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 28m


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At a game of billiards, A can give B 15 points in 60 and A can give C to 20 points in 60. How many points can B give C in a game of 90?

A) 30 points B) 20 points
C) 10 points D) 12 points
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 10 points


A : B = 60 : 45.


A : C = 60 : 40.


B/C = (B/A*A/C) = (45/60*60/45) = 45/40 = 90/80 = 90:80


B can give C 10 points in a game of 90.

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In a game of 100 points, A can give B 20 points and C 28 points. Then, B can give C is

A) 8 points B) 10 points
C) 14 points D) 40 points
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 10 points


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