Verbal Reasoning - Mental Ability Questions

What is Verbal Reasoning: Mental Ability ?


Verbal Reasoning - Mental ability is one of the common topics found in most of the entrance exams. Mental ability tests our level at which we learn things, understands instructions and solve problems. Verbal Reasoning - Mental Ability Questions encloses wide range of topics: verbal reasoning (vocabulary and missing letters), Arithmetic reasoning, Blood relations, Analogy, classifications, coding and decoding, Data sufficiency, Missing characters, logical sequences, series, numbers, spontaneous reaction tests, verification of truth statements, Venn diagrams, mathematical operations, direction sense test, statements and arguments, assumption tests and more.


What Topics Are Included In Mental Ability Test ?


Mental ability questions are found commonly in competitive exams and entrance tests of APPSC Group 1 and Group2, UPSC ( Civil services, CPF(CA) ), TNPC(VAO, Group1, Group2), HPAS, WBCS, AP SI Selection process, NDA, IBPS and other Bank Exams, CAT, MAT, GMAT and other MBA entrance exams, GRE, GATE, TOEFL, IT and Non IT Placement papers.


Mental Ability Questions should be solved by cracking logic behind them. One can gain that logical thinking by thorough practice of number of questions in different patterns, good command in vocabulary, good command in maths numbers and formulas and good understanding abilities.


We have a large database for you to practice on verbal reasoning - mental ability questions and answers. You can expect these questions in most of the competitive exams.


Seismography : Earthquake :: Taseometer : ?

A) Landslides B) Strains
C) Resistances D) Volcanoes
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Strains


Seismography is an instrument to measure the intensity of an earthquake.

Similarly, taseometer is an instrument to measure strains.

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Pointing out to a lady, a girl said, "She is the daughter-in-law of the grandmother of my father's only son." How is the lady related to the girl ?

A) Sister-in-law B) Mother
C) Aunt D) Can't be determined
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Can't be determined


Girls's father's only son— Girl's brother. Daughter in law of girl’s grandmother can be their mother, or maternal uncle’s wife, i.e. aunt. So relation cannot be determined.

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1, 2, 3, 10, ?, 9802

A) 99 B) 199
C) 299 D) 999
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 99


2 = 12 + 13 = 22 - 110 = 32 + 1Now 102 - 1 = 999802 = 992 + 1


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Sam ranked 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?

A) 45 B) 47
C) 46 D) 48
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 46


Number of students in class = (8 + 1 + 37) = 46

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Pointing to a lady, a man said, "The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife." How is the lady related to the man ? 

A) Mother's sister B) Grandmother
C) Mother-in-law D) Sister of father-in-law
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Sister of father-in-law


Brother of my wife — My; Son of lady's brother is the brother-in-law of the man. 

So lady's brother is man's father-in-law

i.e., the lady is the sister of man's father-in-law. 


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In a certain code language,

'134' means 'good and tasty';

'478' means 'see good pictures'  and

'729' means 'pictures are faint'.

Which of the following digits stands for 'see'?

A) 9 B) 2
C) 1 D) 8
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 8



In the first and second statements, the common code digit is '4' and the common word is 'good'.

So, '4' stands for 'good'.
In the second and third statements, the  common code digit is '7' and the common word is 'pictures'.
So, '7' means 'pictures'.
Thus, in the second statements, '8' means 'see'.

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Grass : Erosion :: Dam : ?

A) Water B) Freeze
C) Current D) Rain
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Water


Here Grass is to Erosion and whereas Dam is to Water.

Since Grass prevents Erosion similarly Dam prevents Water flow.


Hence, Grass : Erosion :: Dam : Water.

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Fumble is to Finesse as Malign is to

A) Slander B) Extol
C) Criticize D) Assurance
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Extol


Fumble means grope, mishandle, drop, mistake, blunder, bungle.

Finesse means skill, grace, elegance, assurance, diplomacy, discretion.

So, they are opposites.



Malign means slander or criticize.

Extol means being kind or good-natured. A person without finesse often fumbles. A person without extol in his heart often maligns.

Extol means praise or exalt, benevolence

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