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Which is more effective while calling the functions?

A) call by value B) call by reference
C) call by pointer D) none
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) call by reference


In the call by reference, it will just copy the address of the variable to access it, so it will reduce the memory in accessing it.

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What is the role of the JIT compiler in .NET Framework?


The JIT compiler is an important element of CLR, which loads MSIL on target machines for execution. The MSIL is stored in .NET assemblies after the developer has compiled the code written in any .NET-compliant programming language, such as Visual Basic and C#.

JIT compiler translates the MSIL code of an assembly and uses the CPU architecture of the target machine to execute a .NET application. It also stores the resulting native code so that it is accessible for subsequent calls. If a code executing on a target machine calls a non-native method, the JIT compiler converts the MSIL of that method into native code. JIT compiler also enforces type-safety in runtime environment of .NET Framework. It checks for the values that are passed to parameters of any method.

For example, the JIT compiler detects any event, if a user tries to assign a 32-bit value to a parameter that can only accept 8-bit value.

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What is the difference between debenture and preference share ?


The difference between Debentures and Preferential Shares is as follows:

1) Person holding debentures has owed money to a company, while Preferential Shareholder could be considered as a partial owner of the company.

2) A Preference shareholder earns dividends if the company is making profits, however a debenture holder needs to be paid irrespective of making profits or losses.

3) A debenture holder would be paid the capital invested at the end of a stipulated term. A preference shareholder is not promised return of capital invested; instead he earns dividends till the time the company exists and is profitable.

4) A debenture holder earns interest on the capital invested till the capital is not returned, while a preference shareholder is paid dividends till the time the company exists.

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Explain what is BRS?


BRS - Bank Reconciliation Statement


A bank reconciliation statement is a statement prepared by organizations to reconcile the balance of cash at bank in a company's own records with the bank statement on a particular date.


The differences may arise because of the following reasons:


     - Cheques deposited into bank but not yet collected by bank


     - Cheques issued by the organization but not yet presented for payment


     - Cheques directly deposited by customers into the bank


     - Bank charges debited by bank


     - Interest credited or some receipts directly collected by bank based on org. request.


     - Some payments directly made by bank based on the organizations request.


So, the statement shows the reasons as what are the reasons for difference in balance.

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What are the types of Collision Resolution Techniques and the methods used in each of the type?


Open addressing (closed hashing),

The methods used include: Overflow block,

 Closed addressing (open hashing)

The methods used include: Linked list, Binary tree…

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Which class provides an interface for invoking JavaScript methods and examining JavaScript properties.

A) ScriptObject B) JSObject
C) JavaObject D) Jobject
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) JSObject

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try { int x = Integer.parseInt("two"); }

Which could be used to create an appropriate catch block?

A) ClassCastException B) IllegalStateException
C) NumberFormatException D) None
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) NumberFormatException


C is correct. 'Integer.parseInt' can throw a NumberFormatException, and IllegalArgumentException is its superclass 

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Which are the main MIS Reports of an accounts department & what the format of preparing the MIS ?


MIS report is known as Management Information System... regarding the Manpower status of a particular month, place and overall..

It helps the Management in decision making.. like what are the reasons of resignation.. in which area attrition is high.. and so many things to help in decision making.. with the help of MIS you may prepare a lot of reports.. Like annual attrition.. region wise attrition.. region wise manpower.. graphical representation of regions manpower status.. and so on..

You may prepare the same at your end.As it will help you to prepare other such formats too.

I am describing you the contents with sheet wise..

First Sheet - Details of employee

a. E.Code

b. Name of employee

c. Date of birth          

d. Designation

e. CTC

f. Address for communication

g.Permanent address

h. Contact number

i. Blood group

j. Maximum qualification

k. Extra qualification

l.Total Experience

Second Sheet- Salary structure

In this sheet write down the complete salary structure.. and make a column what is salary after any revision

Third Sheet - New Joinees

In this sheet write down the name of New joinees of that month with detail like CTC,  Designation, DOB etc. 

Forth Sheet - Resigned employees

In this sheet write the name of employees who resigned during that particular month with details like name, designation, date of joining, Date of resignation, last working day.

Fifth sheet - Attrition rate

Based on this MIS report, you may find out the attrition report, Qualification analysis reports, team management reports and so on can prepare a number of reports..

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