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It costs Rs. p each to send the first thousand messsages and Rs. q to send each subsequent one . If r is greater than 1,000, how many Rupees will it cost to send r messages ?

A) 1000 (r - p) + pq B) 1000 p + qr
C) 1000 (r - q) + pr D) 1000(p - q) + qr
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 1000(p - q) + qr


We need to find the total cost to send r messsages, r > 1000.

The first 1000 messsages will cost Rs.p each (Or) 

The total cost of first 1000 messsages = Rs.1000p

The remaining (r - 1000) messsages will cost Rs.q each (Or)

The cost of the (r - 1000) = Rs.(r - 1000)y


Therefore, total cost = 1000p + rq - 1000q

= 1000(p - q) + qr

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36 identical books must be arranged in rows with the same number of books in each row. Each row must contain at least three books and there must be at least three rows. A row is parallel to the front of the room. How many different arrangements are possible ?

A) 5 B) 6
C) 7 D) 8
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 5


The following arrangements satisfy all 3 conditions.

Arrangement 1: 3 books in a row; 12 rows.

Arrangement 2: 4 books in a row; 9 rows.
Arrangement 3: 6 books in a row; 6 rows.
Arrangement 4: 9 books in a row; 4 rows.
Arrangement 5: 12 books in a row; 3 rows.


Therefore, the possible arrangements are 5.

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A mother can do a certain job in x hours. Her daughter takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours does the mother take to do the job ?

A) 3 B) 6
C) 9 D) 12
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 9


The mother completes the job in x hours.
So, the daughter will take 2x hours to complete the same job.


In an hour, the mother will complete 1/x of the total job.
In an hour, the daughter will complete 1/2x of the total job.


So, if the mother and daughter work together, in an hour they will complete 1/x + 1/2x of the job.
i.e., in an hour they will complete 3/2x of the job.


The question states that they complete the entire task in 6 hours if they work together.
i.e., they complete 1/6 th of the task in an hour.


Equating the two information, we get 3/2x = 1/6
By solving for x, we get 2x = 18 or x = 9.


The mother takes 9 hours to complete the job.

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An owner of a Dry fruits shop sold small packets of mixed nuts for Rs. 150 each and large packets for Rs. 250 each. One day he sold 5000 packets, for a total of Rs. 10.50 lakh. How many small packets were sold ?

A) 2000 B) 3000
C) 2500 D) 3500
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 2000


Let 's' be the number of small packets and 'b' the number of large packets sold on that day.


Therefore, s + b = 5000 ... eqn (1)


Each small packet was sold for Rs.150.
Therefore, 's' small packets would have fetched Rs.150s.


Each large packets was sold for Rs.250.
Therefore, 'b' large packets would have fetched Rs.250b.


Total value of sale = 150s + 250b = Rs. 10.5 Lakhs (Given)


Or 150s + 250b = 10,50,000 ... eqn (2)


Multiplying equation (1) by 150, we get 150s + 150b = 7,50,000 ... eqn (3)


Subtracting eqn (3) from eqn (2), we get 100b = 3,00,000
Or b = 3000


We know that s + b = 5000
So, s = 5000 - b = 5000 - 3000 = 2000.


2000 small packets were sold.

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The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 4.15 is

A) 0 B) 37.5
C) 27 D) 15
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 37.5


Angle between hands of a clock

When the minute hand is behind the hour hand, the angle between the two hands at M minutes past H 'o clock

=>  degrees

Here H = 4, M = 15 and the minute hand is behind the hour hand.

Hence the angle

 = 30[4-(15/5)]+15/2 = 30(1)+7.5 = 37.5 degrees

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