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In a year, Holi was enjoyed on 6th March 9 AM and Deepawali was celebrated on 11th November 8 PM. The total time interval (in hours) between the two was ?

A) 2101 hrs B) 4125 hrs
C) 5124 hrs D) 6011 hrs
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 6011 hrs


From March 6th to November 11th,
there are 250 days and
Thus 250 x 24 hours
So from Mar 6th 9AM to Nov 11th 8PM, there will be 250 x 24 + 11 hours = 6011 hrs.


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If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use?


The heterogeneous linked list contains different data types in its nodes and we need a link, pointer to connect them. It is not possible to use ordinary pointers for this. So we go for void pointer. Void pointer is capable of storing pointer to any type as it is a generic pointer type.

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Karan started a business investing Rs 29000. After five months, Satish joined with a capital of Rs 18000. If at the end of the year, they earn a profit of Rs. 16970, then what will be the share of Satish in the profit ?

A) Rs. 5422 B) Rs. 5489
C) Rs. 4511 D) Rs. 6145
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Rs. 4511


Now as per question, Karan invested for 12 months and Satish invested for 7 months.
Karan:Satish = (29000*12):(18000*7)
= 348:126
= 58:21

Satish Ratio in profit will be
=(16970 )=Rs. 4511

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Bhel commissions another 600Mw thermal unit in which state ?

A) Telangana B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Chattisgarh D) Karnataka
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Telangana

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K and L start a business jointly. K invests Rs.16000 for 8 months and L remains in the business for 4 months. Out of the total profit L claims 2/7th share. How much money is contributed by L?

A) Rs. 13,204 B) Rs. 14,521
C) Rs. 12,800 D) Rs. 15,000
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Rs. 12,800


Given share of L is 2/7 th of profit. Then, their profits are divided in to 5:2 ratio.
Ratio of K and L is

x = Rs. 12,800.

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